February Flowers

February Flowers

February is usually such a dull grey month, at least it is in England! The skies are grey, a cold wind blows in from the sea, and the gardens are largely barren and empty. But as the month progresses more and more colour starts to appear in the flower beds, signs that spring is just around the corner.

I thought I would share with you some of the flowers that have sprung up around the garden and I hope they bring you as much joy as I feel when I see them.

Crocus – February 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre

The Yellow Crocus was the first spring flower to appear. It’s bright yellow colour was visible from afar, announcing its presence amongst decomposing leaves and dormant, thorny rose vines.

Purple Primrose – February 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre

So small and yet so pretty, the primrose can be overlooked in the summer months as the gardens fill with the spectacularly colourful Sunflowers, Roses, Poppies and more. However, in early spring they have their time to shine as the flower beds begin to awaken from their winter slumber.

Early Daffoldils – February 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre

Last year the winter here was so mild that the daffodils sprung up around the south of England shortly after the New Year. Now it is the end of February and we are only now beginning to see the first few golden flowers making a shy appearance in flower beds and plant pots. Their delicate petals expand hesitantly outwards for the first time, testing the crisp February air, coaxed by the brief glimpses of sunlight through the grey clouds.

Iris – February 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre

The vibrant purple colours of the Iris call for attention as it stands tall, petals waving in the cool breeze. The deeper purple tones a contrast to the bright yellow, light lilacs and whites that typically signify a spring flower, but perhaps that is what makes this beautiful flower stand out.

Winter Rose I – February 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre

My favourite of the early flowers is the Winter Rose. Their delicate petals have such a beautiful rose hue, laced with white veins and dotted with darker pink spots. A joy to photograph and admire, it’s provided no end of inspiration for my creativity.

I hope you enjoyed this,

All the best!



Photography prints and more are available on my Society6 page

Pictures taken on Pentax KS-1 and edited with Fotor

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