Hello March!

A New Month

Although the first week of March has already passed, it seemed like the end of February really crept up on me. With spring drawing ever closer, today was the first day I’ve truly felt like the seasons are changing. I’ve written a few blog posts about the signs of spring and posted pictures of the beautiful flowers appearing in the garden, but to me it still felt like it was winter.

Daffodils – March 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre

Today, for the first time, I sat outside in the sunshine wearing only a long top and leggings, without shoes or socks. I let my bare feet rest in the cool grass and stretched my face towards the sun, taking in it’s warmth. There was a bumblebee buzzing around the house and garden, the birds chirped and sang, and there were bright colours dotted around the flower beds. It was reminiscent of a lazy summer day and were it not for the cold of the breeze and absence of warmth as the sun disappeared behind a cloud, I would have been content to laze outside for the rest of the day.

March is a month of change and anticipation with winter transitioning into spring and the excitement and activity that warmer weather brings. And as I sat there in the sun I imagined all the things I hope to accomplish this month; finding a new job, being more creative and doing (and passing) my driving test.


A new month, new goals and new opportunities.

I wish you all the best!



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Pictures taken on Pentax KS-1 and edited with Fotor

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