South Coast Seaside Wanderings

Wandering Along the Promenade

Location: Eastbourne, England

Amazingly the weather has been fantastic!

We have had bright, sunny, warm days and I have even been able to wear a dress without tights or a thick, woolly cardigan. And, so far, there has been no sign of any April showers.

Of course, I had to take advantage of this wonderful weather and set off – camera in hand – for a stroll along the seafront . Unsurprisingly it seemed like the whole town was taking advantage of the sunny weekend, the beaches were packed with sunbathers, swimmers and ice cream eaters.

Eastbourne Seafront – April 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre

Even though the high number of people was to be expected, I was surprised at the amount of people wearing bathing suits and swimming in the water – the temperature would have been around the 15 degree Celsius range, and the steady breeze was a little chilly!


Seaside Daffodil – April 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre

The flower beds and wild shrubbery lining the promenade were showing signs of life with pretty spring flowers dotted along the slopes. And fragrant blossoms lined the gravely hill path, adding soft white flowers to the sea view.

Seaside Blossoms – April 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre

Towards the centre of town and the picturesque Pier, more and more people filled up the beaches and cafes along the promenade. The sounds of laughing children filled the air along with the murmur of countless conversations talking place around me.

The atmosphere was one of both lazy contentment and excitement. It was the first beach day of the year, a taste of the summer to come.

Tulips and the Pier – April 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre

After a break for tea and cake (Red Velvet) I started to head back but this time along the lower level of the promenade. This route was a lot busier with large families, skaters and dogs on leads making their way along the packed walkway.

However, the warm sun, the endless blue ocean and the happy mood of the people making the most of the sunshine created an enjoyable and inspirational atmosphere.


Towards the Horizon – April 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre

 Coming to the end of my wanderings I paused to take in the seascape before me.

Looking out over the ocean towards the hazy horizon, there seemed to be no separation between sea and sky, and I found myself gazing out over the ocean, lost in my own thoughts.

It was a day of sun, sea and cake:

The perfect spring day.


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Pictures taken on Pentax KS-1 and edited with Fotor

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