Castle Through the Trees

Schloss Pöggstall

Location: Schloss Pöggstall, Niederösterreich, Austria.

This charming castle lies in a quaint little village amongst the forested hills of Lower Austria. Dating back to the 13th Century, the castle was initially a moated castle, surrounded by water but was later rebuilt and expanded in the 15th-16th Centuries. Today the moat surrounding the castle is dry with the exception of a large tranquil pond beside the castle complex.

Castle Through the Trees – August 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre


From 1795 to 1919 the castle belonged to the Habsburgs but now belongs to the local community and serves as a museum and visitor attraction.

The architectural styles include many elements from the Renaissance such as the Inner Courtyard which boasts arcades and frescos (pictured below).


Wall Frescos – August 2017 –  ©NinaMcIntyre


The area surrounding the castle is just as picturesque with paths leading you along the banks of the pond and further up onto the forested hill where benches await with scenic views of the castle.


Around the Castle – August 2017 – ©NinaMcIntyre


Beautifully maintained and restored, Schloss Pöggstall sits comfortably within a landscape that has been shaped to accommodate and best serve the castle and its owners over the centuries.

Overall this is a great location for history buffs and nature lovers with plenty of culture and countryside to satisfy any curious and adventurous spirit!


Helpful Links

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Wikipedia (German)


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Pictures taken on Pentax KS-1 and edited with Fotor

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